St. Louis Escape just upgraded their incredible Curse of the Mummy escape room with two new breathtaking CGI effects. The first is a countdown timer formed with Egyptian hieroglyphics that slowly counts down the minutes left by breaking away pieces of rock - the timer also features scorpions and tarantulas. The other effect is an expansive view of the Egyptian night sky which reveals clues after a sandstorm, complete with famous landmarks and burning torches.

We also produced a promo video for St Louis Escape, to help market their new attraction. Take a look at the video above to see one of the world's most immersive and incredible escape rooms that makes you feel like you just walked into a movie!

The Ghostbusters Escape room recently opened in Washington, DC - and we provided all of the CGI animated special effects in the room including the painting from Ghostbusters 2 that comes to life, a library filled with spooky specters, the containment unit featuring "Slimer" and even a window with a fully animated New York City being attacked by the Marshmallow man!

Watch the above promo video which we also created for Escape Room Live in Washington, DC, to help them promote their new attraction.

We also created animated media and promotional videos for several of their other escape rooms - including their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles room, Friday the 13th, Mummy and Titanic.

Mediarific created 5 new CGI effects for Halloween Productions' spectacular and scary IAAPA booth.

The effects appear in the exterior windows of the Haunted House.

Somehow the team at Halloween Productions managed to squeeze an entire haunted attraction onto the IAAPA floor. Congratulations to Halloween Productions for creating one of the best and most memorable booths at IAAPA 2014.

Haunt season is here again, and this year Mediarific created promotional materials for three new haunted attractions in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

The Abyss, Supermax, and the St. Lucifer's Hospital are all new attractions for 2014.

Mediarific also created 5 new triggerable CG animations, in cooperation with Halloween Productions, for use in the St. Lucifer's Hospital attraction at Creepyworld in
Fenton, Missouri.


Designed for Blacklight Attractions, this new custom triggerable CG animation features a crazed shark that lunges directly at the viewer.

This animation is featured in Pirate themed blacklight mini-golf attractions across the US.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom opened just after the Chinese New Year in 2014, and is proving itself to be a high quality, world-class tourist attraction, already garnering 5 entries into the Guinness Book of World Records and top accolades from within the themed entertainment industry.

Renaissance Entertainment provided concept design and art direction to Guangdong Chimelong Group, in creating four attractions for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Attraction Design Services was subcontracted by Renaissance, and Mediarific in turn was subcontracted to produce animated concept art.

"Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is widely regarded as a gamechanger, in terms of product quality, originality and as a proving ground for east-west collaboration."
- Judith Rubin, InPark Magazine

Mediarific's team, led by creative director Jeff Cappleman and supervising animator Emerson Frota, created a full 11 minute 3D pre-visualization of the "Deep Sea Odyssey" dark ride attraction. This dark ride attraction actually passes in and around the massive, record breaking aquarium - unlike any other of it's kind in the world.

The pre-visualization went above what was expected and included full-color animatics of the media sequences, animated gobos with passenger activated interactive lighting effects, and simulated video of guests in the ride vehicle enjoying and interacting with ride elements.

"We started this project with a certain budget and a tight schedule. They were aware that the budget was not where it should be for the quality that was delivered. Jeff delivered and they were happy with the results....it was certainly above and beyond the budget, and the schedule, and on top of that - change after change after change
that our clients requested at the final hour. Jeff continued to come through with revisions and get us what we needed for our client.

We never worried about Jeff’s competency, reliability, and execution since we have had a working relationship with him for 14 years and know his excellent work ethic...

...Jeff is a pleasure to work with, he comes through when you wouldn't expect that he would."

- Kenneth Eff, Attraction Design Services

Mediarific, in cooperation with Halloween Productions, produced 3 new clown themed CG triggerable animations for Terrorvisions, a 3D haunted attraction in St. Louis.

One of the animations is a three multi-screen sequence which is installed in a real ice cream truck complete with a motion-base platform. Guests walk into the truck and get the feeling of a chaotic ride through the streets.

The other sequences feature a shooting gallery and a claw game.

The media features bright vibrant colors and was carefully designed to look dynamic with or without Chromadepth glasses.

Working together with Halloween Productions, we created a series of 8 custom CG triggerable animated media effects for a zombie themed 3D blacklight haunted house for a client in Dubai.


The haunt season is now in full force, and this year Mediarific created five logos for five different haunted attractions all across the US including 13th Gate, Cutting Edge, Spookywoods, Terrorvisions and the Lemp Brewery.

Let us boost your brand's image and promote your attraction.

The Darkness in St. Louis is one of the biggest, scariest, and most elaborate haunted attraction in the world.

Mediarific produces six triggerable CGI animations for the haunt. Each animation features a buffer (a relatively quiet animation with subtle motion, for instance a window with a burning building in the background), followed by a trigger (A sudden scare, for example, a demoness leaps up and breaks the window).

Each animation was installed with a physical, visceral effect timed to match the animation. During the scare, real water, air or CO2 fog is blasted at the guests.

One of the animations, the Clown, was produced in Chromadepth - for a 3D appearance with the use of Chromadepth glasses.

Jeff Cappleman supervised and art directed the sequences, with Emerson Frota leading the team of 3D artists.

Located in Times Square, NYC, the Jekyll & Hyde Club is a haunted restaurant, bar and social club where guests eat, drink and socialize among the unusual and bizarre. When the Club was completely renovated in 2012, Mediarific produced animated "haunted" paintings to enhance the guest experience.

"I keep watching it and it is really cool. I can not wait to see the next ones,"
wrote D.R. Finley, (proprietor and creator of this unique entertainment and culinary experience), after viewing the first of a total of seven paintings created for the club.

Each painting takes about half an hour to transform, resulting in over 250 minutes of animation. These effects were carefully designed so that guests would sense something was subtly different about the paintings each time they glanced up. Over the course of the entire meal, diners notice the complete transformation.

Industry experts laud Hard Rock Park's "Nights in White Satin - The Trip" as the best dark ride experience of 2008, and compared it favorably with dark ride classics such as EPCOT's "Journey into Imagination."

"Take -- for example -- Nights in White Satin: The Trip. Guests entered this dark ride by passing through a beaded curtain. And after they'd been issued a pair of 3D glasses, these people were then sent on a recreation of a psychedelic experience (acid trip). This multi-sensory attraction...was cited by many in the themed entertainment industry as the best ride of 2008."
-- Josh Young of ThemeParkUniversity

“My favorite attraction was Nights in White Satin: The Trip…The Trip is both unique and daring among dark rides. It is not interactive and there are no gags jumping out at riders, but rather it is a mind-bending journey that weaves between reality and illusion.”
- Paul Ruben, Park World Magazine

“Hard Rock Park and Sally Corporation have done a masterful job creating an immersive, dream-like soundscape that brings the song to life. With its eye-popping visuals and stunning effects, Nights in White Satin: The Trip is near Disney quality…and quite trippy.”
- Arthur Levine, About.Com

Mediarific created all of the CG animated media content featured in the attraction, including:

  • video for the speed tunnel
  • animated CG smoke which forms human faces
  • a dancing girl in bright chromadepth stripes
  • exploding lava
  • various animated silhouettes which were projected onto white curtains
  • a celestial maiden projected onto a thermal screen (water vapor) which the ride vehicles pass directly through

“When working as the Senior Designer at Sally Corporation on the top dark ride attraction at one of the newest theme parks in the world, I approached Jeff for concept art, storyboards and to develop the CG animation which would be used extensively in the final ride.

The turnaround time that he provided was excellent and I let everyone at Sally know that.

While at Sally, all his final renderings were boarded in my office and up for all to review. Everyone who viewed them was very impressed and I heard nothing but very positive comments.

I have since left Sally but continued to work on the dark ride and have now seen Jeff’s diligent work come to final fruition and it is excellent. Jeff certainly went above and beyond what we expected for the budget.”
- Frank Fruscello, Principal and Owner, Attraction Design Services

Although Hard Rock Park is a ghost of the past, you can still see the ride courtesy of Sally Corporation.

Most visitors agree that the highlight of Hard Rock Park's signature dark ride attraction is the "speed tunnel" - a long semi-cylindrical shaped room featuring projected imagery that creates the illusion of high-speed travel. Similar to the effect of movement that you feel in a stationary IMAX theater, the rich, colorful imagery surrounds the viewer in almost every direction in this innovative dark ride.

This 65-foot-long tunnel is the first of it's kind in the world, and what's more, the entire tunnel is illuminated by a single projector.

Mediarific's creative director, Jeff Cappleman, storyboarded, supervised and produced the animated CG media content.

Software development lead, Albert Ho, researched and engineered the custom rendering algorithm. Rick Xu led the pre-visualization, modeling and texturing teams, and supervising animator Allen LeCorre led the lighting/rendering crew, and the team of animators to deliver the media ahead of schedule, within budget, and ready for soft opening.

Working together with Backstage Technologies, and directed by Attraction Design Services, the speed tunnel CG animation was created for Sally Corporation and Hard Rock Park.
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