“When working as the Senior Designer at Sally Corporation on the top dark ride attraction at one of the newest theme parks in the world, I approached Jeff for concept art, storyboards and to develop the CG animation which would be used extensively in the final ride.

The turnaround time that he provided was excellent and I let everyone at Sally know that.

While at Sally, all his final renderings were boarded in my office and up for all to review. Everyone who viewed them was very impressed and I heard nothing but very positive comments.

I have since left Sally but continued to work on the dark ride and have now seen Jeff’s diligent work come to final fruition and it is excellent. Jeff certainly went above and beyond what we expected for the budget.”

- Frank Fruscello, Principal and Owner, Attraction Design Services

“We were scrambling for resources and we had a very, very tight schedule. And we had to fit everything within basically nine working days. You delivered on time, you delivered fast and
you took us out of the tight spot.

What really made the difference was the understanding that this was not normal procedure
and things have to be delivered fast. You guys delivered fast! You responded to feedback in a
prompt manner, and the turnaround was fast.

In the future, if we have any project down the road that requires outsourcing...you’ll be on top of my list! ...and I don’t give praise for the sake of giving praise. It is well-deserved!”

- Nabil Yared, Production Manager, "Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy" for Discovery Channel
"You were fantastic to work with and your customer service is second to none!"

- Angela Cherek, Owner of Scary Acres in
Omaha, Nebraska

"We started this project with a certain budget and a tight schedule. They were aware that the budget was not where it should be for the quality that was delivered. Jeff delivered and they were happy with the results....it was certainly above and beyond the budget, and the schedule, and on top of that - change after change after change
that our clients requested at the final hour. Jeff continued to come through with revisions and get us what we needed for our client.

We never worried about Jeff’s competency, reliability, and execution since we have had a working relationship with him for 14 years and know his excellent work ethic...

...Jeff is a pleasure to work with, he comes through when you wouldn't expect that he would."

- Kenneth Eff, Attraction Design Services
"Thank you very much for all your talent and hard work making the superb VFX for 'Momsters Playground.'

Each shot was a challenge and you worked very hard to deliver the best results on a tight schedule. Your patience, long hours and dedication to excellence are very much appreciated. I am very happy with the wonderful visuals in this film and your special effect shots truly are the jewels in the crown.

Bravo! Thank you!"

- Stephen Roscoe, Writer/Director
"Momsters Playground"
featured in the Toronto International Short Film Festival
“Thanks for sending the report...
...I really enjoyed your document about maximizing animation resources.”

(After reading “12 Keys to World Class Animation on a Budget” written by Jeff Cappleman)

- Greg Acuna, feature film writer, director and producer, palaflicks.com
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